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Sue Colesays...
Elizabeth Greenleaf (2 Sept 1768 - 25 July 1814) married Squire John Gardner (no "i")

John was born 2 Jan 1768 and d. 24 Aug 1856. John and Elizabeth together had 11 children (born betw 1796 and 1812), two died young.

I would like some details of the life of Elizabeth's father, Gen. Wm Greenleaf, if you have any.

Thanks, Sue
Van(East Sandwich)says...
I have updated the web site with your corrections which were much appreciated.

As to Gen. Wm Greenleaf, I do not have a lot; basically just notes copied from various sources (could be inaccurate) at the time and stored with the relevant HTML code. Such as:

23 AUG 1738 Bolton, 13 JAN 1793 Lancaster, Worcester, Ma: Billy, Vit Recs Bolton - Lancaster, Ma. 1793 January 22 d Bolton of a paralytic William Grcenleaf Esq: Genealogy of the Greenleaf family By James Edward Greenleaf

Sarah: Genealogical sketches of the Woodbury family: by Charles Levi Woodbury 

the seventh child of Edmund Quincy. Sister of the famous Dorothy Quincy, wife of John Hancock, who d. Mch. 12, 1790, in Lancaster, Mass.

IV A SON b Aug 8 1771; VII A SON b Nov 15 1776

Thanks, Van Blakeman
Andrew Greenleaf Lawrence(Fairfax Station - Virginia)says...
Donald Leal Greenleaf was my maternal grandfather.
Did you know him?
I have names, birth dates and dates of death for his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren -- do you want them?
Van(East Sandwich)says...
Yes, I knew and loved Donald and Harriet well as a child and teen. They visited my folks often on the Cape and in Princeton.

He was one of those rare people you could look to and know, regardless of what was going on at home or in the world, that life was basically good, all was well, and you were truly loved.

I would certainly appreciate all that you can provide, beginning with Harriet’s dates if you have them, and any corrections.

One interesting coincidence: you would be the 2nd person to provide me with information regarding the Greenleaf's.

The 1st was my uncle, Fred B Blakeman, a neighbor of yours in Fairfax.